Do it for the culture in Cartagena, Columbia 

It was the dead of winter in NYC and I needed a quick escape. I circled around the map looking for warm destinations with cool waters. I did a quick search for Cartagena, Columbia and what the google results turned up had me ready to pack my bags and jet out.

Afro-Columbia street performers.

Visit Cartagena for the culture! One cannot miss the charm of the port city upon arrival. You’re immediately serenaded by the sounds of the Afro-Columbian street music and and exquisite traditional dancers. The movements and the colors alone will have you saying, “Yasssss sis”!

La Perla’s shrimp and bass ceviche.

Another good reason to visit Cartagena is for the cuisine. I was pleasantly surprise to get an invite to La Perla restaurant, where I dined on shrimp and bass ceviche and sipped fine wine amidst beautiful decor.

La Perla Restaurant
La Perla Restaurant

During the days I enjoyed strolling down the streets of Getsemani taking in all of the sites, small shops and charming locals. I found the people of Cartagena to be both very endearing and welcoming.

Street Art Tour

One of my favorite outings was a free street art tour. I laid my eyes on some of the most beautiful murals inspired by everything from politics to pretty women. I won’t post all of the murals because I believe you must see them with your own eyes.

El Tutumo Volcano

Cartagena is a pretty city with great activities in just a short drive away. I booked a tour to El Torino Mud Volcano or Volcán de Lodo El Totumo which is about an hour and a half drive from the city center. It’s a must visit and you’ll happier than a pig in mud that you did.

Bonus Tip While visiting El Tutumo bring a bit of tip money for, the men taking photos and the ladies to rinse you clean. You can thank me later.

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