JetBlue ByBlue Vacations : Booked in 90 seconds!

Say to a group of travelers, ” Raise your hand if you love going on vacation!” Hands will fly up faster than Muhummad Ali in the ring! Chances are everyone loves a vacation. Now ask the same group of travelers to “Raise your hand if you like to plan your vacation?” You will possibly get the silent treatment.

In comes JetBlue with a new premium travel product called ByBlue. Travel Products head of Technology, Ciprian Acatrinei, shared impressive metics regarding the time a traveler receives an offer via email to the time they book is all done within 90 seconds!

Andres Barry JetBlue President Travel Products

JetBlue By

Blue has also partnered with Avis Budget Group, Disney and several resorts to make booking your vacations a breeze. By personalizing the packages based on your habits and needs this allows the client to book their vacation just with one click.

Booked in 90 seconds!

Just imagine for a moment that you’re planning a group trip. JetBlue Vacations travel package includes new perks such as change fee waivers for those who have a change in heart or schedule, priority boarding, a 24/7 hour customer service and updates regarding any delays with your flight, hotel or booked experiences.

One of my favorite features is the “Insider Experience”. Imagine arriving to your destination and being greeted by locals, transport to the hotel and sweet surprises at participation destinations. If there’s one thing I want to take personal it’s my vacation!

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