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 Bali Botanica Day Spa

As I approached Bali Botanica Day Spa in Ubud at 9am I was summoned to  the reservations desk by a gentle fragrance. I was greeted by Berto and he made me feel at home immediately. He asked me to trade in my shoes for bright green flippers. He reviewed my service selections and provided me with information for an optimal experience.

Berto lead me to the garden where Rudy, my Spa therapist, ushered me to the spa room. The room was clean, fresh and very inviting. It was fashioned with a garden tub, a door less showered, massage table, tools needed for shirodhara and a captivating view.

Rudy began my 2.5 hour massage by what can only be described as a physical exorcism of my shoulder pain. He began casting demons out of my lower pack and sent the devils in my knees packing straight back to hell. I could feel a surge of energy radiate through my body as if he was awakening each chakra. Honestly it was the only time I have ever truly been relaxed during a massage.

Shirodhara Ayurvedic
I have never had shirodhara before but was curious to try it. Shirodhara is an Ayurveda therapy that involves gently pouring warm oil on your third eye chakra. The oil was warm like a sweet potato pie during the holidays. I relaxed as the lightly fragrant oil slowly drizzled between my eyebrows. The oil saturated my scalp providing the ultimate hot oil treatment. It was fantastic and I even feel asleep briefly because it was so relaxing.
If you know me you know that I’m a habitual body scrubber. I choose the green tea body scrub to maximize on its relaxing and anti aging properties. The body scrub was followed by a cooling yogurt moisturizing body mask. About half an hour later I rinsed clean to reveal smooth silky skin. But wait there’s more.

Body Scrub Selection
The flower bath will forever make me feel like an amazon beauty. The warm bath was adorned with Balinese flowers with the most beautiful fragrance. Not to mention I had a clear view of Bali’s natural landscape through a bay window with no glass. I literally could have stayed there all day L uxuriating .

Flower Bath
Most of the spas I have visited in the past provide grapes, cucumber-water and some sort of dry nuts to nosh on. I was chauffeured to Bridges, a fine dine a few blocks away from the spa. I ordered a light vegetable terrine, a filling bowl of curry potato soup and delicious tropical tea. The ambiance, service and view were all spectacular.
Upon my return from lunch I was scheduled for a Pondicherry foot massage. My feet were placed in a basin of warm water and rinsed with fresh flowers and lime. My therapist then applied peppermint oil to my toes, feet, calves and knees. Both of my legs became dough as all of the knots and kinks were rubbed into exile.

Botanica Facial
I requested a signature Botanica Facial with extractions and it hurt so good. I needed a good treatment to get the gunk out from months of travel. Once the extractrations were complete a bio-aloe mask was applied followed by old school cucumbers for my eyes. My skin was left fresh, clean and radiant.

My final service was at 5pm a basic manicure and pedicure. I think my western standards are above the norm here however, I must admit that my nails looked great after it was all said and done. I chose a shade called “Peace & Love OPI which is so appropriate for this journey.

Bali Botanica Day Spa in Ubud is the perfect mix of Balinese tradition and modern luxury. You should most definitely book “A Special Journey” day package which will only cost you $101 USD. 

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