Fast Food Frenzy : Fort Worth, Texas

There has never been a time when I visited my home town Fort Worth, Texas and did not indulge in the savory, cheesy, sweet, fried and spicy fast food. Its just what I crave the very moment I step onto Texas soil. I shamelessly gain a pound for every 24 hours I spend here. Here are my absolute must drive- thru and eat up culinary quickies.


Up first is the sweet chocolate syrupy triple sundae from Braums. For as long as I could remember  I would visit Braums with my mom, grandmother and various family members. Braums is known for their juicy hamburgers, cherry limeades and ice cream. Nine times out of 10 I order lime sherbet, its uber deliciousness.



More often than not these delicious delectable burgers are mispronounced. Whataburger has been around since 1950. I love that you can customize your burger as its fresh off the grill. My mother loves her burger with spicy jalapeños. My grandmother says “It isn’t a burger unless there is mustard.” I always order a strawberry shake and I never share!


Do you love tex-mex to go? Well you will live for Taco Bueno. My favorite thing on the menu is the Mucho Nachos. Crispy in house baked tortilla chips, spicy beef topped with both shredded and melted cheese, flooded by a pile of sour cream, jalapeños and topped off with homemade salsa. My mouth just watered!



Give me Sonic any day of the week. Im a fan of their Ocean Water Slush and Lemon Berry Slush. Growing up in the Texas heat I would often pull up to the drive in and order a Route 66 to quench my thirst. And a grilled cheese for sure.



The Waffle House is a southern staple. This waffle haven serves up fresh waffles 24 hours 7 days a week and you will find that the Waffle House is open on major holidays. Your best bet is to order the All-Star Special which includes a waffle, two eggs, your choice of hash brown  or grits, ham, bacon or sausage, toast and coffee or juice. Hey now you’re an All-Star!




Oh goodness after all of this reckless gluttony one might ask how I have room for anything else. In the wee hours of the night when nearly nothing else is open you can always count on good ole Jack-in-the-Box!  I just pull up to the window, place my order and BOOM piping hot potato wedges covered in cheese, bacon crumbles and sour cream. A great way to end the night…and this post. Geesh, all of this writing is making me hungry.

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