Brukwine Dance Workout

What are your plans tonight? Not big on the whole club scene, but love to dance? I can say that my club days are dwindling down but I truly miss hitting the dance floor. Dancing is totally fun and a great way to get some quality exercise in! Have you ever looked at a dancer’s body? Really check out their physique, in general their bodies are toned, slender  and incredibly fit.

When a friend invited me to a dance class I gave her that look, but her excitement for Brukwine let me know that this was no ordinary class. She immediately pulled up their instagram page (@bruckwineaddiction)where I watched 15 seconds snippets of pure sexy! I was in, sign me up!

For those who aren’t familiar, Brukwine is a Reggae/Dancehall based class created by Tavia and Tamara. It is a total body workout that provides students with new and exciting ways to move. When you attend the class you will learn the hottest signature brukwine moves, how to really move your hips while being feminine and sexy. Waist wining, booty shaking, sweat drenching, calorie burning, sexy, addictive are all words that describe this workout. This workout is done in heels, sneakers, or sneaker wedges. Whatever you feel sexy in goes, is their motto.

Natasha, Sheena, Kenecia!

This was a great class to experience with your girls (mine are extra haute). Be sure to wear comfortable clothing as you really heat up once that booty drops! I jokingly said that I wanted to wear pasties and a thong to my next class. It was my first time trying Brukwine but both Natasha and Sheena have been a few times. I plan to sign up for another class very soon because the workout was epic!

Tamara, Kenecia, Tavia!

A quick post workout snap with the sexy creators of Brukwine, Tamara and Tavia. (Check out my post workout face, it hurt so good.) These ladies are fit and fabulous. I was meet with such kindness and professionalism. What a super fun day! If my thighs and abs weren’t on fire I would have forgotten that it was a workout.

 Here is a video of a Brukwine class in full effect so that you know what to expect when you attend Burkwine with Tamara and Tavia. Bring tons of cold water, a hand towel and a change of clothes because you will be drenched my pretty!

Click on and sign up before classes fill up! the best $20 I have spent all week!

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