It’s Friday you just landed and travel has knocked you the F OUT! You have jet-lag!

Straight after New York fashion week The #PrettyCityTour jetted to Europe. 7 and a half hours later my plane landed across the pond. I was seeking the Pretty Life on my first trip to London Town and I was met with a beautiful rate sunshine. Apparently, the sun coming out is a huge myth. I found that London has a classic style with a punk rocker grungy edge. The city was royally electric and raging with soul busting out the seems. I just had to see the London eye lite up in the evening and it was a sight to see. A short walk towards the flickers of tourist cameras and I arrived to Big Ben. I though it would be bigger but bare with me I’m from Texas. The next day was damp and it began to rain more as I arrived to Buckingham Palace and I immediately understood that my sunshiny welcome was to be coveted. London was a grand trip, a great adventure complete with fish and chips.

I was excited about my next flight to Milan! In Milan I was greeted with friends, parties and pasta. Milan was like a big family reunion due to my previous travels! I reconnected with many old friends and made new ones too. From aperitivos to Duomo I was elated to return to Milano. I instantly feel back into my Milanese vibe consuming warm cappuccinos for breakfast, delicious gelato for lunch and fresh pasta for dinner. My friends questioned my unusually short visit and I vowed to return very to Milano very soon. But for now Ciao Bella!

Two and a half hours later I jetted off to Paris and landed in the City of Lights during a late chilly night. I settled in my hotel near Grand Boulevard and made myself at home. Paris was filled with thrilling highs and spontaneous moments. The street style alone was a work of art. This was a fantastic city, one with fire, one that is fancy and one with a certain finesse. My new memories of Paris will last a life time and I do plan to visit again. But there was something burning a whole in my passport.

Randomly, as I was leaving Milan I met two travelers from DC who strongly suggested that I head to Amsterdam, so I did.

I journeyed on a six hour bus ride from Paris to Amsterdam. It was the red eye but I hardly slept, I listened to the Motown Station before turing it up a bit with some Fetty Wap. On arrival to Amsterdam, I noticed there was the fresh crisp pine like smell in the air. My hotel was nestled near the museum district. I was immediately attracted to this city for its architecture, unique culture and amazingly kind people. I would have loved to stay longer but New York was misusing it’s trap Queen. An 8 hour trip dropped me off in the Big Apple! I learned 5 valuable lessons to help ease jet-lag and I want to share them with my Pretties:

  1. Don’t be thirsty. Throughout countless cappuccinos and champagne flutes there was my main thang…..WATER! That’s right drip drop drip drippity drop! You know the drill! For some reason I tend to stay more on top of my water intake while traveling. I’m pretty sure I hit up to 10 glasses a day.

  2. Sleep? What’s that? I’ll admit on average I slept a measly 4 to 5 hours each night. It wasn’t long before I got to Paris that I crashed. Woman you are not a machine! We’ve all heard “You can sleep on the plane.” I did just that. In fact I did it so well I actually got a standing ovation from the flight crew on the 8 hour flight from Amsterdam back to New York.

  3. Baby bend ova…let me see you do that yoga! Stretch, that’s right just like that. Bend your knees, let your limbs hang, touch your toes, stretch I say! Sitting in cramped airline seats, hard bus cushions and overall powering through a city can leave your muscles tight. A heavy travel schedule is like a marathon! Haven’t you ever seen ‘The Amazing Race’? Well, that was my life only with mascara. Hey it’s the #PrettyCityTour what did you expect?

  4. Good vibes only. Negative conversation and energy is a buzz kill in any language. It drains you and blocks you from having a epic time. If you are not feeling a place or a new acquaintance then change it’s up. You don’t have to be a “rude American” just simply exit stage left and carry on. You are a traveler looking for good people and experiences. I hope you go where the love is, your spirit knows the way.

  5. When you finally land and make it home, ease back into your routine. Go gently to work and meditate with your friends! Sike!!! I came busting back into the concrete jungle like I never left. Hey it’s the New York way! But if you can help it, do allow an extra day off to fully recover your zees and reflect on a lovely trip.
    Do you Pretties have any tips to beat jet-lag? Thank you for checking in!

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