The San Francisco Treat

Passport 2 Pretty is all about traveling and when I got the call to attend the Women’s Travel Fest, there were no questions asked, only bags packed. The trip was a quick one and I had to make good use of my time. Here are a few Dos and Dont’s for 48 hours in San Franscisco.


DO stay in Union Square. Now don’t get me wrong there are some amazing Air BnB pads that you could only dream of residing in but when you only have 48 hours, time is of the essence. I stayed in Hotel Union Square right on Powell in the thick of Union Square. Union Square is a fantastic area with tons of shops and just as much history. You can shop at, MACYS, SAKS and DSW or just hang out near The Dewey Monument.

Hotel Union Square


The Dewy Monument
The Dewey Monument

DO ride the cable car. When I think about it its pretty amazing to have a view of the city with no windows and without being stuck below the ground’s surface. It was awesome to feel the breeze as the car went up-down, up-down , up-down, up-down. Weeeeeeeeee!

Cable Car on Powell

DO make a friend who may or may not be a local. Its hard to not smile back at all of the eccentric strangers. I people watched and saw everything from spiked and pierced to preppy and conservative. I got an eye full and can truly say that San Fran is one of the most diverse cities that I have ever visited.

San Franscisco Design Center

DO head to Mission for some sweet vittles. Four of the fifty world’s best restaurants can be found on or near Mission. There are so many options I couldn’t decide and had a Cookie Sunday from CREAM because apparently Cookies RULE  Everything Around Me.

Cream on 16th Street


Finally some hot pipping brunch from Frjtz Fries. I opted for the General Hooker Breakfast and a Big Ass Bellini. Yummers. Side bar DO NOT waste the Ketchup as it makes Baby Jesus cry.

Frjtz Fries on Valencia

DO take a stroll on Clarion. There you will find a variety of EPIC graffiti art all for public consumption. It reminded me of Brooklyn’s beloved Five Points. I was in awe of this artistry and really think its my favorite genre. Some of the work was abstract, some actually 3-D, there were a few with strong political opinions and some that  shared a deep love for their community. I love the freeness in the art and how accessible it is to all people. This is a must see but keep in mind the art changes like the wind allowing new artist to share their creativity with the world.








DONT visit San Franscisco with a closed mine. The people are very liberal and express their uniqueness from their hair, tattoos and clothing. You will not enjoy yourself if you are uncomfortable by a fully grown man dressed in a yellow chicken suit wearing metallic gold boots. You will be absolutely offended if you read the guys shirt that says ” I love Brown Pussy” with a brown kitten smerking. Just be open and be your self.

DONT be turned off by the largely populated amount of homeless and apparent drug addicts. I found myself startled and astonished by the constant yelling and awkward movement of people who found everyday life to be too much of a struggle that they found comfort in a pipe, pill or needle. I found myself giving spare change to those coherent enough to ask.

DONT Take a cab everywhere. The BART is relatively easy to use and cabs can be a way to drain your funds. Besides the weather in San Franscisco is boarder-line perfect so put on your walking shoes and get to stepping’!

DONT try to avoid the steep streets. You will miss out on a good work out and a perfectly incredible view of Coit Tower. My travel pal The Marie F and I joked saying that we went “hiking”. Thank God for strong will and even stronger calf muscles. The view was more than worth the beads of sweat and swollen feet. Breathtaking.



Over all San Franscisco is an amazing city with tons to see and DO or DONT. I truly wish that I had spent more time in this eclectic city with steep streets, bustling with art and delectable restaurants. But If you plan to visit San Franscisco be sure to wear flowers in your hair.


Thank you for reading Pretties. Have you visited San Franscisco or will you in the future?






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