Magic of Morocco

What comes to mind when you hear Morocco? There’s much mystery to unveil within those seven letters. From the seductive souks to the non-stop flow of mint tea aka Moroccan whiskey, you will find the African country more thrilling than what meets the eye.

Marrakesh riad.

I landed in Marrakech on an early morning flight with my pretty La . The airport was much like any other airport in a bustling city as we waited for our third party, Stephanie Flor of Around the World Beauty. Uber is not available in Morocco, however a driver from the lovely Riad Lamya Marrakech we booked weeks ahead provided transportation. A riad, in my opinion, is a hidden treasure that makes any guest feel like royalty. It’s the most authentic stay you can have in Morocco and trumps any chain hotel around.

Riad Lamya Marrakech (photo by

While some will debate between New York and Paris being the fashion capital of the world, I’d say they’d lack the capability without Morocco. It’s a little known fact that many textiles derive from dye vats located throughout Morocco. Fashion power house Yves Saint Laurent has an entire museum experience highlighting the works and inspirations behind the couture brand. I had the pleasure of seeing it for myself and wandering around the beautiful Majorelle Garden. (Jardin Majorelle).

Yves Saint Laurent Museum.

Majorelle Garden.

Oh souky souky now! Tone Loc was right on the money when he rapped about the “funky cold Medina”. The Medina or souk can be a funky, cold place. I highly recommend that you spring for a guide who speaks English, unless you speak the two official languages, Arabic and French. There are tons of textiles, leather goods and teas sets to purchase in the Medina and one could spend a tremendous amount of time negotiating for the best bargains in the Medina. I finessed a great deal on pure aragon oil, black soap, dried herd and teas. It was a steal and I don’t regret any of my purchases. I was truly inspired by the the aroma of the herbs, the colors of the pigments and the fresh baked khobz, perhaps it was me who was finessed.

I love the color of the Medina aka souk.

Soap, perfumes, oils oh my!

Dries herbs from the souk in Marrakech.

The night life is filled with glamour inspired dinners, coveted cocktails and belly dancing. On one evening we listened to a live band form South Africa perform songs from the top 100s. The cuisine is as follows; chicken tangine, beef tangine, or vegetable tangine. TANGINE, TANgine, tanGine!!! Needless to say when I discoverd a Mexican restaurant in the middle of the Medina I’m Fez, Nacho Mama, it was a much needed change of taste.

If you make it to Morocco you really can’t miss out on the chance to visit Chefchaouen known for it’s pretty blue hues. You can easily see why it’s nicknamed, “The Blue City”. It’s located 4 hours outside of Fez and will cost roughly $12 bucks by bus to get there. You’ll want to book a round trip promptly as the tickets sell out and many travelers end up stranded in the blue city because of poor planning.

Chefchaouen aka “The Blue City”.

Great shot by Stephanie Flor of “Around The World Beauty.”
The blue hues are stunning.

“The Blue City” is a great back drop for photos.

I cant stress this enough, visit a Desert Luxury Camp. It is costly, however it is really a unique experience that happens once in a lifetime. Most “glamp” sites are at least a 12 hour drive from Marrakech or a lesser 8 hour haul from Fez to Merzouga Village . It’s a long journey but honestly the route is very scenic and there are some great shops to purchase authentic Berber jewelry and beautiful turbans. The Sahara Desert is spiritual and offers a deep connection to nature that will help you feel grateful and grounded in your purpose.

Luxury Desert Camp

Sun Salutations in The Sahara Desert.

The Sahara Desert.

Morocco is a magical place and each city exceeded my expectations. From from rad riads to the harmony of the hammams I can’t wait to visit again and explore more of this mystical country. When will you visit Morocco?

Stephanie, Kenecia & La

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